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What IS boudoir photography exactly?

In French, the boudoir is a lady’s bedroom or private dressing area. Boudoir photos reveal the inner secrets of the lady’s room as she poses in sexy, suggestive, or sensual ways. The photos are rarely X-rated – nudity is usually implied rather than overt, and your modesty can be protected with props or creative posing.

Who should get a boudoir shoot?

Anyone! At Vivian’s Muse, our retreat experiences are designed to empower women – every Muse walks away with a renewed sense of beauty and confidence.


Where does the shoot take place?

At the new Vivian’s Muse studio! We’ve recently moved into a new space with lots of natural light and a wide selection of backdrops to help set off your sexy look. With an onsite shoppe, elegant parlor and soothing meditation/yoga room, it’s much more than just a studio. Visit our Studio page to learn more about the space and the special retreat experiences that we now offer.

Who will be my photographer?

Julia Vie – studio owner and photographer extraordinaire! Occasionally, she may include a female photography intern, but never without your prior knowledge or permission.


How much does it cost?

Our prices vary and depend on the length of the shoot, how many looks/sets you’d like to include and what products you’d like to purchase.  Packages are designed for your budgetary needs – from a little teaser ($220) to the ultimate in luxury ($6,000)!


How long will the shoot last?

Anywhere from 30 minutes to eight hours. It all depends on the number of looks you choose.


What do I get with my photo shoot?

At minimum, each 30 minute shoot includes personalized coaching before and during the shoot, 5 varying poses in the set, 30 proofs to view and 4 digital files.


What if I want to add another set or outfit?

I would be happy to accomadate you, just let me know so I can make sure to have available time on the day of your shoot!

When do I get to see and choose my photos?

Sometimes we offer same day gallery viewing but it depends on the schedule. Usually, you will make a second appointment for approximately 1 week after your shoot date to come back to the studio and admire how gorgeous and sexy you look.

What if I want to buy an album, prints or get a CD?

You will make your order at the time of the gallery viewing. You can visit the Products link on the How it Works page of our website prior to your gallery date make a deposit for any item in our product line. Payment is due in full at the time of order. However, payment plans can be arranged. We don’t want you to walk away without evidence of just how amazing you are!

What should I wear?

When selecting your wardrobe for boudoir, the best choices are always those that make you FEEL your sexiest. Whether that’s racy lingerie or just panties and a plain white button-down, you’ll always look your best when you feel comfortable and confident

However, it can also be fun to someone else for a day. . . check out our Pinterest boards for some fun and exciting ideas.

A few quick tips: Bring something white, something black and something in a bright color to mix and match. A corset will create sexy curves. And in addition to your lingerie/clothing selections, don’t forget the shoes and jewelry.

It’s also helpful to schedule a phone or in studio consultation with Julia before the shoot to answer any styling questions you may have.


Do you have outfits? What kinds and sizes?

Yes, I have lots of choices in many different sizes for you!

What sets do you have?

Our studio has a vibrant, powerful energy and is filled with light. Beautiful antiques, opulent draperies, and unique art adorn our space. Check out our Studio page for more details.


Can I bring my own props?

Of course!


Can I use your props?

Absolutely! We have pearls, gloves, boots, sexy heels, and a few surprises!


What about hair and make-up?

Professional hair and make-up are definitely recommended as we use high quality, professional lighting set ups that can wash out “regular” make-up applications. Vivian’s Muse has an exclusive relationship with Milk and Honey Salon on Guadalupe. We would be happy to make an appointment for you or you may schedule on your own. Making arrangements to visit your personal stylist is also an option. Please allow at least 2 hours for hair/make-up application. Don’t want to be late for your special day!


Should I go tanning before my shoot?

In our professional opinion, no – some tanning applications can become orange and that will not look natural in your photos. Although Julia is a master at retouching, attempting to make a bad tan look natural will be very expensive.


I’m a little nervous. I don’t know how to be sexy in front of a camera.

Nearly everyone has had this worry but Julia is a wonderful photographer and will coach you every step of the way. Look at the lovely ladies in our galleries- they weren’t Victoria’s Secret models either, but you’d never know.


Do you retouch?

Yes, all photos are retouched. We will remove blemishes, cellulite and wrinkles that enhance your true beauty.


Do you photograph full-figured girls?

Of course! We photograph ANY woman because EVERY woman is gorgeous! Please don’t wait until “you lose a few pounds”. Your photos will prove that you are sexy and feminine just the way you are!

What about brides?

Absolutely – we love to shoot brides and can do location shoots, morning after bride-and-groom, or whatever you want to make your wedding day (and night) the most special of your life.


Do you shoot nudes or couples?

Yes – Julia’s number one goal is to make you happy so whatever your style, interests, or desire, she can help you capture it on film.


Just how sexy should I go?

As far as you want – Julia’s mission is for you to walk away empowered and with the perfect photos to mark the occasion.


Can I bring a friend?

Sure – some muses are more comfortable this way. Just make sure your friend respects the shooting area and sticks to positive, encouraging support while we shoot.


Can I book a shoot with a friend?

Yes – it is possible to book them at the same time, however, we usually just have Julia shooting so typically, shoots such as this are booked back to back.


What are pin-up parties and do you offer them?

Do you??

What day can I book?

Do you offer evening sessions? We are somewhat flexible, but usually limit shooting days to Thursday-Saturdays. We offer morning, afternoon and some evening sessions.


What’s your cancellation policy?

To receive a full refund of your deposit, you must cancel no less than seven (7) days prior to your shoot date. If you need to reschedule, we request 48 hours and cannot guarantee that the dates/times you wan t will be available.


Will you use my photos on your website, Facebook page, or in any other promotional materials for your studio?

Absolutely not. If you are interested in helping our business grow by sharing your photos on our social media sites, you may do so by signing a model release. We also offer 2 complimentary digital files to any muse who signs the release.

There are several boudoir studios in the Austin area. Why should I choose Vivian’s Muse?  Simply put . . . Julia Vie!


A Note from Julia…

As an artist and a woman, I am constantly rewriting the history of my own future by living in the now and remaining ever-focused on accomplishing my dreams — and I love sharing that strategy with others. I’m so incredibly blessed to have wonderful friends and family who love and support me… and a bevy of beautiful muses who keep me inspired and excited to come to work every day.

I cater to women from all walks of life… housewives, fetishists, single ladies, newly divorced, women with cancer, the battered, the broken and the curviest moms all across Texas. I’ll shoot whatever you want – couples boudoir, morning after bride-and-groom, outside and location shoots, even destination weddings. Each shoot is special, designed to bring out your very best and leave you with an incredible set of photos (and a new sense of confidence) that will last a lifetime.

If you’re interested at all in boudoir, I hope you’ll come to the studio for a chat. I’d love to get to know you and find out what makes you tick. As we get further into the process I’ll become more familiar with who you are, what you want and what makes you nervous or tense, so I can better coach you throughout the process. I’ve also expanded my services to provide styling and life coaching — a natural evolution for Vivian’s Muse, which is completely centered around helping clients feel good and improve all aspects of their lives.

Take this opportunity to discover who you are, what you want, and the beautiful life you’re destined to live! I will give you an extraordinary experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and leave you with a final product that you can be proud to share with your friends and loved ones.


So, are you ready to start your new journey? One that’s filled with Empowerment, Confidence, Health, Inspiration, Friendship, Love, Art, Imagination and True Beauty? Because I’m here to help you find it all…

Now let’s get started!




Let’s Do This! All my questions are answered and I’m ready! What’s next?

Send us an email at or give us a call at 888-988-MUSE

We look forward to creating a boudoir experience that you will never forget!