How do I make a difference?


It’s the difference that could change your life: feeling amazing.

We take for granted things that are a certain way. Choose a life of possibility instead of predictability. I am still struggling with this every day. I am always caught between two worlds.


The one where I get a bunch of amazing things done and go amazing places and I live an amazing life, and the life where I sometimes forget to eat, work too much, and feel uncertain about the future. I am shifting my perspective to include possibility from now on. I have been so filled with my rackets and excuses that I forgot the number 1 rule of all. Choose the possibility. Give space to positive things. What moves us forward, rather than what constrains us.



By Angie Mattingly,
“How we describe, label, hold things, think things—it’s within those frameworks that our lives unfold. There are no ‘facts’ that limit possibility, there are only “conversations” that limit and constrain, or those that create and forward, what’s possible. The ‘glass-half-empty’ folks lean toward the idea that something’s wrong, something’s not there, something’s missing—as in problematic. The ‘half-full’ folks are attending to what’s actually in the glass—as in what could be brought to the party—as in ‘missing as a possibility.'”

If we are going to create a possibility, it’s a matter of choosing, a matter of saying, and that’s the whole deal. It’s about discovering what’s possible in being human beyond the places where, unknowingly or knowingly, we might restrict or limit ourselves.

I have been constraining and limiting my conversation.

This is the start of a new conversation. What would I be if I were the protagonist of my own love story, and I watch it  unfold before my eyes in the light of the day and the rest of the night? I have to go sit, be alone and design the life I have always wanted to live. NOW.

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