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For many, lingerie shopping can be daunting – especially just before a photo shoot where you want to look your best.

What fits? What looks good? What fits the budget? Will I look silly?

If you need someone to shop, style and complete your boudoir look, I have you covered! I’ve been styling shoots internationally for 4 years, and I have developed a great eye for coordinating colors and making even unmatched panties look beautiful and polished. I also have tons of jewelry, from pearls to exotic goddess pieces, to help you shine during your special day. I also offer shopping services before the day of your shoot. With a little flexibility and patience, I can help you find pieces that express who you are so your true essence will come out on film.


Your #1 priority when shopping is comfort. If you feel awkward, itch or tight, you won’t look your best. Make sure you find something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Sizing can be tricky, but most lingerie stores will take your measurements in-store. Determine your size for your bust (around your nipples), your band (below your breasts), natural waist (where you bend), and hips (the widest part of your legs). Most lingerie is measured in inches. I have found that many women don’t actually know their proper size. Some believe that lingerie is supposed to be “true to fit,” meaning that if you’re larger in the pant area, then naturally your panties should be a size large – THIS IS NOT TRUE. I have dressed many women in sizes they thought were “too small,” only to find that their asses look smaller than they imagined and their “saggy post-breast-feeding boobs” look fabulous – because it’s all about the fit. Everything is personal to you, because you are special.

Let’s talk aesthetics. Black lace creates a classic look and looks phenomenal against our studio’s salmon fainting couch. Reds and pinks are also common lingerie choices, yet I personally like jewel tones and anything that contrasts the color of your hair and skin. Once again, color has to do with your personality, so choose the colors that make you feel how you want to feel. Less is always more, and a sexy pair of Hanky Pankys will go farther than a ridiculously high-waisted undie covering half your body.


Show some skin!

The professional-quality lighting in our studio will bring out your true essence and leave the rest behind – so don’t worry about covering your stomach or hiding stretch marks. “I have a huge belly covered with stretch marks. Can you help me, Julia?” My answer is “YES!” I will retouch your skin to perfection and show only your best angles and curves so you look beautiful, long and lean.

Don’t be afraid to give me a call and ask about my personal shopping experiences.

I can help you pick the lingerie that best suits you. What’s best for one muse might not work for another. For example, I love the full-on thigh-high garter belt look one can find at Agent Provocateur, but it’s not the best look for me. Instead I often choose soft silks for a chic, relaxed look.

Cheeky-style panties are popular, and they come in tons of materials and prices. I personally love one-piece bodysuits. I think they are empowering and make me feel like a superwoman. You might feel your most powerful in a fun maid outfit or just your cowboy boots and lacy undies. Once again this is about self-expression, so use the materials and colors that will best express your inner muse!

Be wary of the price tags on lingerie. Yes, high-end products may claim to last the longest, but in reality he’ll probably appreciate you going for a few “trashy/sexy” looks that are less serious, more fun, and definitely cheaper. Fun, sexy lingerie doesn’t have to be expensive to be fabulous! Lingerie often gets ripped off quickly anyway, so why spend $500 on a piece that will end up on the floor? If it’s what you want and you can afford it, then by all means go for the high-end stuff. But don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. You don’t.

We recommend the following stores and websites for lingerie:

Lingerie shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just remember to feel comfortable, stay confident, and enjoy the moment! And remember that I’m here to help, with personalized image consulting services as well as lifestyle services.

As a life coach, stylist & photographer, I want to help you shine in lots of different ways. It’s my goal to capture that side of you that is always there, peeking out from behind all the distractions. Let me help you align yourself, getting you in touch with your inner muse and bringing her out into the light! This can be the start of a beautiful journey, if you’ll just let me lead you there. Consider all of your possibility, and let me help you achieve it!

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