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Your Potential. Your Dream.

None of us see ourselves as perfect in our own minds… yet we are ALL perfect, whole and complete.

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I hope you call me, even if it’s just to say you enjoy my photographs… Come in and visit the studio, and let me introduce you to my baby puppies, Coco (like Coco Chanel) and Fawn! They are fabulous little muses! Each has her own personality and dramas, and they live in the moment. They always make me smile!

Come in and smile with us! I can’t wait to meet you and help you reveal your inner muse!

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The new, stylish Vivian’s Muse studio is located  in Austin, in a gorgeous setting with chic backdrops & elegant sets to perfectly complement your love story…

Please call 888.988.6873 for more information or to set up a private studio tour!

At our premier Downtown studio &  spa, come, be yourself, relax and have a tour.

Let's get to know each other...

Call me :+1-888-988-6873

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