Don’t look at your life and see only the things you want to change.

The trick isn’t in changing yourself – it’s in changing how you see yourself. I want to help you tell your story in pictures – but more importantly, I want to help you create a story that YOU want to tell. The experience you’ll find here is about more than just photos – it’s about life. This is a chance for you to connect with your sexuality, your spirit, and your inner muse. The only one who can write YOUR story is YOU… so take control of it. I can help you!

Our new studio boasts a magazine-quality lighting system, which hides blemishes, wrinkles & bruises. Within a week after your shoot, you can peruse a personalized gallery, selecting the frames you’d like Julia to personally retouch and print. At Vivian’s Muse, we specialize in natural retouching to remove stray hairs, spruce up makeup, and calm overzealous curves. You will absolutely love your images!

All retouching is done carefully, shot by shot; the process can take up to 4-8 weeks to complete, but the quality of work is absolutely worth the wait. You will be given another chance to view your perfected shots before we place your order. We offer a number of printing options to best present your boudoir experience, including canvas art, high-end magazine formats, “Little Black Books,” deluxe custom albums and à la carte prints. You will look fabulous… I guarantee it or your money back!

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