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You can expect your Vivian’s Muse experience to be relaxing, comfortable and fun – from start to finish. Whether you opt for a full-service retreat or decide to stick with just the basics, our studio, parlor and shoppe are all designed to put you at ease and let the real you shine through, regardless of how you may feel about the way you look.

 Our Shoot

boudoir_photography_vivians_muse_austin_texas56“During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss all the different options available to you; then I’ll walk you through a brief questionnaire to get a sense of who you are and what you want. The more I understand more about your body, your personality and your desires (and insecurities) up front, the easier it will be to make your retreat everything you want it to be. Whether you see yourself as a Goddess, an Ugly Duckling, or a Timeless Vintage Pin-up, I can help you tell your story and express your style. I can also give you tons of advice on where to shop, where to get hair & make-up and what to wear. I want this to be personal to you, so please take a chance and allow yourself to see the possibilities…” – Julia Vie



All retouching is done carefully, shot by shot; the process can take up to 4-8 weeks to complete, but the quality of work is absolutely worth the wait. You will be given another chance to view your perfected shots before we place your order. We offer a number of printing options to best present your boudoir experience, including canvas art, high-end magazine formats, “Little Black Books,” deluxe custom albums and à la carte prints. You will look fabulous… I guarantee it or your money back!


boudoir_photography_austin206After getting to know you a bit, we’ll schedule your shoot and book additional appointments for any coaching or styling extras. (Retreats that include lifestyle, nutrition or other coaching services may require a longer lead-in time, so you can be sure to get their full value before posing.) Be sure to schedule as far in advance as you can; we limit our number of shoots per week to ensure that each client gets our very best – and these can book up fast!


During your shoot

Because I book in advance and keep the number of shoots I do limited to a select few, you can be sure that you’ll get 100% of my energy and focus. At this point you will have been given access to plenty of resources and tips from me, so you should arrive feeling relaxed and prepared! Don’t worry about an unexpected audience — at Vivian’s Muse, your privacy is always respected and, unless you’ve requested otherwise, the only people present for your shoot will be you and Julia.

“Once on set, you will have full control over how much skin you do (or do not) show. I will make suggestions as we go and we can shoot to your level of expression. I will give you a beautiful stage and tons of direction!! I cannot stress this enough: Be yourself! I will direct the story, but you have to tell it.”  We offer a number of different photography styles, from a men’s magazine layout look (anything from Maxim to Playboy) to a much more modest 1950s pin-up style. Whatever style you choose, you can be as provocative as you like.

Shoot at your comfort level

You can be in a full lacy black dress or you can be completely, erotically nude. I am comfortable with anything! Beware of photographers that are unwilling to shoot nudes. If they are not comfortable with your body, how can they capture your essence? 


Your love story

I pride myself on using amazing lighting and natural retouching, and my glamorous vision can fit with any style. Fetish, Tough, Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Calvin Kline, Agent Provocateur… my photography will capture it all beautifully. What is most important is YOU, and how you feel about the photographs, the retreat and your experience. See the light that others see in you. We get to select images that accurately depict your personality while “smoothing out” anything you don’t totally love.  Together we are creating art – muse & photographer.

After we do our amazing shoot together you will get to view a beautiful fine art gallery of the highest quality.


A note: Your privacy is VERY important to us; we will never use your images online or in any other forum unless you have read and signed a model release. In return, we ask that you respect our work and refrain from re-posting or altering your images for display without our permission.

My studio is located at 807 West 12th Street, Suite B, in a gorgeous space with chic backdrops & sets to perfectly complement your story!


Please call us at 888.988.6873 to get more info or to set up a tour!

Let's get to know each other...

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