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As women, we are bombarded with images and narratives whose aim is to convince us that we are less than we are supposed to be. Billboards, magazines and TV commercials scream at us 24 hours a day, telling us we have to “Get that beach body”, “Buy this wonder product so you too can look like this 22­-year-­old model” and “Want to make your friends jealous? Eat this low­ fat yogurt!”.


Celebrated photographer and life coach, Julia Vie, is a strong believer that you should believe your own hype ­ not the unattainable standards set forth for you by faceless advertising executives in ivory towers on Madison Avenue. She wants to help empower women to believe that they are already good enough ­ beautiful, strong, successful and fabulous ­ just as they are.

We are women, and women are the most extraordinary creatures. We are towers of strength, you will see women at the center of every crisis ­ both large and small. Women kept whole countries running during the greatest conflicts of our time. We are both the artist and the muse.


boudoir_photography_vivians_muse_austin_texasJulia Vie invites YOU to reconnect with your inner muse. This summer, Vivian’s Muse is looking for 12 extraordinary individuals for a video art project celebrating the wonder and empowerment of women.

In return for sharing your story, you will get a photo shoot with Julia including professional hair and makeup, 5 prints and digital images, a life coaching session and an invitation to the exclusive Vivian’s Muse video project launch party. If you would like to take part, please email the special project address at Vivian’s Muse or go to the Twelve Muse Empowerment Page.

Discover My Twelve Muse Empowerment Page to participate or contact me at

or call us on 888­988­6873 ­ reconnect with your inner muse.


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