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Hello Muses!

Please call us at 888.988.6873 to get more info or to set up a tour!

My Austin studio is located at 807 West 12th street, Suite B, in a gorgeous studio with chic backdrops & sets to compliment your love story!



My Motivation

After my mother passed away, without my anchor, I began to struggle. I felt insecure and never mourned her death with any sense of completeness. My heart was always aching to hear her laugh or see her smile while she spoke with her trademark honesty. Trying to cope, I fell into some bad patterns and began seeing myself as not good enough. I tried perfecting everything in my life until it almost killed me. It was during this time that I started on a destructive path of not eating. Suddenly 15 pounds lighter, I found myself tired, weak and mentally on total autopilot. It was all because I wanted my mom to be proud of me… but not at the cost of my life!

Vivian’s Muse started as a way of honoring my mom’s memory, but it’s turned into something much more magical than I ever imagined. I feel so blessed to be able to show you how beautiful you are, no matter how you might feel about yourself. I still feel lonely without her in my life, but I hope Vivian’s Muse will evolve  into a community of like-minded women who can help each other through loss and heartbreak, and inspire joy in one another.

I am Waiting for YOU

Welcome to Austin’s Only Premier Studio, Parlor & Boutique. Here you will capture another side or perhaps another angle of your life. Your Potential. Your Dream. We are all not perfect in our own minds, yet we are ALL perfect, whole and complete. We are One. I hope you call me even if it is to say you enjoy my photographs… Please come by to say hi to my baby puppies, Coco ( like Coco Chanel) and Fawn. They are fabulous. They live in the moment. They hang out & are both unique; each with her personality, rackets and dramas. Bring it all here, and reveal your true side in front of the camera.


Want to get in touch?

I’d love to give you a tour of the studio or just chat for a while. Getting to know my clients and sharing parts of myself and my work is what I do – so don’t be shy! I can’t wait to hear from you!

XO Julia


Let's get to know each other...

Call me :+1-888-988-6873

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