All about me by Julia Vie


Hi my name is Julia Vie. I am based in Austin and specialize in boudoir photography. I have many years of experience capturing the beauty of women in sophisticated and timeless ways. I try to steer clear of gimmickry and instead focus on capturing the inner beauty of my subjects and focus on bringing that […]

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Falling in Love, with The Source

high fashion

We all have so many dreams, ideas and visions of that special day you get to tell the love of your life that you are his. But in our faced-paced society, it’s easy to be distracted by everyday life… and before you ever even get there you can sabotage yourself with questions like, “Is this […]

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Does this make me look sexy?


What makes a picture sexy? Thinking back to all your crushes and those you admire most, what stands out as the most attractive part about them? More likely than not, it is the quirks and imperfections that make them so uniquely different. As a woman, learning to embrace yourself as you are is quite possibly […]

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